We like to cater for everyone no matter your training goals and provide both in person and online training options. All of our programs focus on movement (speed, agility, explosive power), maintaining/increasing strength, correct technique, increasing flexibility and core strength, and conditioning.


Training options


+ Online Training Programs

Our online training programs are 100% consistent with what our athletes and health and fitness focussed clients recieve in the gym on a daily basis. These programs are not a one size fits all, they're tailored to your needs and goals and come with detailed instructions and instructional videos of each exercise. We're currently offering the following online training programs:

Adult/Youth Functional Training Program

6 Week Soccer Specific Training Program

6 Week Field/Court Based Sport Specific Training Program

ACL Prehab/Rehab Program

To find out more information about any of the above training programs please contact us or head straight to the store to purchase.

+ Performance Coaching

Our online and in person Performance Coaching with Rachel who has recently been to the Fifa U17 World Cup with the New Zealand Young Football Ferns is designed for those aspiring elite athletes and involves the use of GPS units to monitor your performance and workload to ensure you remain injury free and that your performance stays at the elite level. Your performance and workload will be monitored through the GPS unit and feedback and coaching points will be provided after every training and game. Training recommendations will be given along with a gym-based training program designed to make you stronger, more powerful, quicker and most importantly injury free. If you are looking for that edge over other athletes and are serious about going far in your sport this is where it starts. Performance coaching requires a season long committment and is offered to those NZ wide. If you are an international athlete interested in this please contact us and we can discuss the options.

+ Personal Training

One on one personal training is an excellent option for those who prefer the 1:1 coaching relationship as their primary form of training or for those with varying schedules. Our highly qualified trainers will tailor your workouts so it caters to your needs and goals. Our trainers can keep you motivated, accountable and focused on reaching your number one training goal whatever that may be. If you are looking to increase your sport performance, increase stamina and flexibility, reduce body fat and lose weight, increase energy, rehabilitation from an injury or just get moving again, personal training is a great option - contact us for more information or purchase a personal training package from our store and get started right away!

+ Small Group PT

Small group PT or semi private PT is great for those who like working out with a partner or a friend or for those people who get more out of their workout by adding a slightly competitive element. Semi private training is typically 2-4 people with one trainer. Small group PT is a more cost-effective option than the 1:1 training and is a popular option. Contact us to discuss the different options and pricing for semi private training.