All classes are suitable for any fitness level or ability. Your trainer will adjust any exercises to your needs if you find you can’t do some that are programmed for that day. Don’t be afraid to make any injuries or personal needs clear at the beginning, so your trainer can sort an alternative out for you! (Unless you have a serious injury, burpees are compulsory for everyone)!

All classes are included in your membership except for the CP Bootcamps.

Please book in via the form on our Where to Find Us page or via message on Facebook.

SCHEDULE For September 1 - 6th october (bootcamp runs 26th August-4th october next bootcamp starts 21st October)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
530am CP Bootcamp CP Bootcamp CP Bootcamp
6am CP Bootcamp CP Bootcamp
630am Hard Yards Hard Yards Hard Yards
9am Sweat Sesh
530pm CP Bootcamp CP Bootcamp
6pm Hard Yards Hard Yards
630pm Boxfit Boxfit
7pm CP Bootcamp CP Bootcamp
730pm CP Bootcamp CP Bootcamp
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Class descriptions:



Expect a bit of everything with a combination of conditioning and strength-based exercises. This class uses your own bodyweight, kettlebells, dead balls, battle ropes, sleds, med balls, sand bags, dumbbells and TRX in a circuit-style high intensity format (or whatever torturous format your trainer comes up with that day - ouch)!


Coach Preston Bootcamps run on a 6 weekly cycle with 2 sessions per week. This cycle there is a session for everyone from beginner to intermediate to advanced and with sessions being held every week day there's no excuse to not come try one of these epic bootcamps out! Contact us here for more information and how to get started! Grayson is also running a bootcamp in Fielding every Wednesday at 530pm so there's no excuses no matter where you live in the area to not get along to one of these awesome sessions! Contact grayson directly here to get involved!


We can't promise to make you Muhammed Ali or Rocky Balboa but we can promise to make you sweat! Our boxfit class will incorporate bodyweight movements and focus pad work, teaching you the basics of how to punch strong and combinations. This class is capped at 20 per class, booking in is a must!


Our Saturday morning sweat sessions will be a concoction of functional, strength and HIIT all rolled into one scrumptious breakfast session. Sessions are 30 minutes long and designed to make you sweaty and puffy, what a way to get your weekend started!



Monday -Thursday
6am – 8pm

The gym is open-floor! Do be aware that there may be classes on while you are training yourself. Let’s be friendly and accomodate each either.

6.30am - 7pm

The gym will close at 7pm on a Friday because, well, it’s a Friday. We believe in balance here at The Performance Room, so you’ll probably find us doing some bicep curls at the pub or out enjoying the sun - where we think you all should be as well!

9am - 12pm
Sunday - Closed

Every Saturday morning we have our Saturday Sweat Sessions. The gym floor is open during this period for your own workouts or PT sessions (we’ll try to stay out of your way)!