Take the Performance Room online 8-Week Challenge!

Are you up for it?

Just because winter has finally hit doesn’t mean we take a step back from our health and fitness goals. In fact this is the perfect time to kickstart those goals! We know not everyone is the same this is why our challenge is personalised. You won’t receive a copy and pasted workout plan or nutrition plan, you’ll receive an individualised plan tailored specifically for you so you CAN achieve your goals. We also know not everyone is about that gym life and we want as many people fit, healthy and feeling great about themselves so we have included a non-gym option where we have created workout plans that aren’t gym based!

Best transformation will receive:

$500 cash (Yes please!)
A goodie bag with a fair few goodies we have gathered together to make you feel extra good (Yes please again!)
Second best transformation will also win a goodie bag
Half way prizes will also be handed out for various different achievements


Challenge details and inclusions: 


July 1st - August 25th

Price: $50 joining fee
$25 per week (dd)
registrations close 28th june 2019- Hit the register now button below to get signed up!

+  Option 1 - GYM based. You’ll receive two 4 week individualised gym based programs designed to build strength and increase fitness. Through an app your program will have your sets, reps, and weights set out for you with video instructions of each exercise.

+  Option 2 - HOME based. For those not interested in the gym or do not wish to join one you’ll receive two 4 week home based programs with body weight exercises, circuits and step goals to achieve. Your program will be individualised and progressive and accessed via an app with your circuits, sets, reps and video instructions of each exercise.

+  Personalised nutrition plan designed specifically for you.

+  Food diary to track your meals.

+  Access to an exclusive Facebook group with other challenge participants.

+  Access to our classes at The Performance Room throughout the challenge

+  24/7 support and contact with us to ensure you’re on track to achieving your goals with weekly check-ins.