5 (Really, Really Good) Reasons to See a Personal Trainer


You’ll be surprised at just how eager you are to attend training when you’re paying someone for it… and they can call you up to make sure you’re not letting them down.

More motivation

We all need that extra push every now and then – and when it comes to doing 20 burpees, you’re more likely to complete the 20 with the trainer than the 5 by yourself. Your trainer gives you that extra encouragement when – training by yourself – you’d stop when those burpees started getting hard.

Maximising Your Gym Time

A trainer will put together a program just for you, designed to achieve the outcomes you want. They’ll make sure your time in the gym is used very wisely (no mucking around on phones, scrolling Facebook between sets!). You’re in and out in a set time, with all your exercises complete.

Safety and Correct Programming

Safety, technique and correct programming are key to anyone wanting to achieve great results. Having a knowledgeable trainer means you’ll be performing the correct exercises required to achieve your goals, in the correct format, with correct technique. This will help you avoid injury and lack of progression.

Plus, when you have a good trainer you don’t have to think twice about what you’re doing. You rock in, do what they tell you, and go home a happy, sweaty mess knowing you’ve made another step towards your goals.


A good trainer will combine all the above points to get you results. Think about it… you go to a nurse or doctor when you’re sick or need medical help. So what’s so different when you go to a trainer to get help with your health and fitness? Investing in a trainer is an investment your health, happiness and longevity of life.